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Oct. 18, 2016 | PRESS RELEASE |randrr Announces COO with Talent Industry Leadership Experience

randrr today announced strategy and business operations expert Andy Spriggs will join its team as chief operating officer. Read More


Oct. 12, 2016 | PRESS RELEASE |randrr Announces Board of Directors, Packed with Distinguished Talent Industry Leaders

randrr today announced its distinguished board of directors who will help lead the platform to a successful launch and reinvent and revolutionize recruiting. Read more


Sept. 19, 2016 | IN THE NEWS |Jacksonville's Most Innovative Tech Companies in 2016

The Jacksonville Business Journal recognizes randrr as the city's most innovative startup.  Read more


Sept. 8, 2016 | IN THE NEWS |Post-Monster Sale, Powerful Recruitment Technology Emerges

In the wake of the recent sale of, a new generation of technology tools and apps for recruitment and performance management is primed to capitalize. randrr is poised to connect candidates and companies with relationship-built technology.  Read more


Sept. 2, 2016 | IN THE NEWS |PGA Tour Pro Chris Kirk Signs Endorsement Deal with randrr

In a multi-year partnership with PGA Tour pro Chris Kirk, randrr, the online job recruiting service, is taking its brand to the world of golf. Read more


Aug. 31, 2016 | PRESS RELEASE |randrr Signs Endorsement Agreement with PGA Tour Player Chris Kirk

randrr is proud to announce its first PGA Tour player sponsorship. Four-time PGA Tour winner and 2014 FedEx Cup runner-up Chris Kirk will wear the randrr logo and appear at key randrr events to help promote the brand. Read more


Aug. 30, 2016 | PRESS RELEASE | Real People Explain Why Online Job Search Technology Is So Frustrating and Disappointing

Job seekers have a lot of blunt, negative things to say about what’s wrong with job boards. Research by randrr and a third-party partner reveals opportunities to remove overwhelming feelings of frustration, disappointment, and depression with current job search technology. Read more


July 13, 2022 | PRESS RELEASE | Survey Finds People Are Overwhelmingly Frustrated and Disappointed with Online Job Search Technology

A recent survey by randrr reveals people have negative experiences with online job search technology and want something more transparent and technology that puts them in control of their interactions with companies and opportunities. Read more


June 10, 2022 | IN THE NEWS | randrr Tech Firm to Expand to 200 Employees in Jacksonville, Spend $9 million for Additions

Tech firm randrr announces 200 employees in Jacksonville and a $9 million investment to build a career opportunities platform. Read more


June 10, 2022 | IN THE NEWS | Florida Governor Honors randrr and Its Employees

At a joint press conference with Florida Gov. Rick Scott, randrr founder and CEO Terry Terhark announced 200 software technology jobs in Jacksonville, where randrr is already building a career opportunities platform that will change the way people and companies interact. Read more


June 9, 2022 | IN THE NEWS | randrr Comes in Under the Radar

randrr to add 200 jobs and invest $9 million in Jacksonville as the company builds a platform to help people connect with jobs. Read more


June 9, 2022 | IN THE NEWS | randrr to Invest $9 Million, Create 200 New Jobs in Jacksonville

Florida Gov. Rick Scott praised randrr for its job creation in Jacksonville and for its vision to help people connect with job opportunities around the world. Read more


June 8, 2022 | IN THE NEWS | High-profile App Company Ramps Up Hiring, Brings on Top JAX CTO

randrr’s hiring is already gathering attention, not just from the tech industry, but also from political leadership. The startup was recognized by Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday for hiring for 200 STEM-related jobs over two years. Read more


June 8, 2022 | PRESS RELEASE | Florida Governor Recognizes randrr and Its Employees

randrr praised by Florida governor and Jacksonville leaders for local job creation and its vision to change the way people and companies connect. Read More


May 2, 2022 | PRESS RELEASE | Proven Technology Leader Hired as CTO to Lead Development of randrr’s Career Opportunities Platform

randrr announces the appointment of Kurtis P. Smith as chief technology officer to lead the development of its career opportunities platform to revolutionize recruiting. Read More


April 4, 2022 | IN THE NEWS | The RightThing Founder Starts New Findlay Business

Local entrepreneur and talent acquisition leader Terry Terhark launches a high-tech company near Toledo to create hundreds of jobs. Read More


April 4, 2022 | PRESS RELEASE | Entrepreneur Terry Terhark Launches randrr Brand to Revolutionize the Way People and Companies Connect

Entrepreneur and accomplished talent acquisition leader Terry Terhark today proudly announces the launch of randrr, a career opportunities platform for the common good that will revolutionize the way people and companies interact. Read More


March 29, 2022 | IN THE NEWS | A Familiar Name in the Recruiting Field Is Building a Jobs App He Says Is for the ‘Common Good’

A new company will “revolutionize recruiting for the common good” by improving the candidate experience, courtesy of none other than Terry Terhark. Read More


March 29, 2022 | IN THE NEWS | Career Opportunities Platform Being Built In Jacksonville, Hiring 200 Tech Developers

Terry Terhark announces the launch of randrr with Jacksonville seeing a significant portion of the first 200 jobs created by randrr. Read More