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Job search is stagnant

Remember when resumes used to get lost in a pile of papers? Now they’re just getting lost in the digital ether of an email inbox or ATS.

Job boards just don’t care

91% of candidates surveyed said that a company’s employment brand is a major factor in whether they apply for a position.* Job boards offer the same brand experience and engagement regardless of the company.

People are fed up with the job search process

80% of job seekers describe their search as time-consuming and stressful.* It doesn’t have to be that way.

People want a relationship with the company they are applying to work for

Millennials in particular want to work for companies with a strong sense of purpose.* A rich, textured life for employees creates a stronger connection between job candidates and companies.

People want to keep up with the job market on any device

70% of job candidates already use mobile technology to search for jobs.* People want to be able to search for jobs and keep up with industry news while they wait in line or ride the bus. Why can’t companies meet them there?

Job search shouldn’t be a cold, lifeless process.

At the end of the day, a resume is just a piece of paper. Employers shouldn’t rely on a piece of paper to decide something as important as their company’s culture and prosperity. And a piece of paper shouldn’t decide a job candidate’s future, either. Too much hangs in the balance to base decisions on cold, minimal, and archaic information.

All this to say, job boards just aren’t cutting it anymore.